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Automatic Visa Revalidation

For certain nonimmigrants traveling outside of the U.S. to select geographic locations for 30 days or less, they may be able to avail themselves of a process known as automatic visa revalidation. This procedure allows certain individuals with previously issued visas to be readmitted when:

• Seeking readmission in the same nonimmigrant classification as shown on an expired visa, or
• Seeking readmission under a different nonimmigrant classification than shown on an expired or valid visa if a change of status occurred while in the U.S., and
• Seeking readmission after an absence of 30 days or less from the U.S., and
• Seeking readmission after travel to a “contiguous territory” such as Canada or Mexico (for individuals in F or J status, this also includes travel to “adjacent islands other than Cuba”), and

• Seeking readmission after having maintained nonimmigrant status, and
• Seeking readmission without having applied for a visa while outside the U.S.

The individual must present the following:

• Valid passport
• Valid Form I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record) with an unexpired period of initial or extended authorized stay
• Expired or valid nonimmigrant visa in any classification

• Valid Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 if in F, M, or J status

Please note that Canadian citizens are typically exempt from the requirement to present a visa for admission to the U.S. except in the E or K classifications. In such circumstances, they must have been admitted at least once under the visa in order to be eligible for automatic visa revalidation. Please also note that nationals of Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba are not eligible for automatic visa revalidation. For more information on this process, please contact our offices.

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