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Certain USCIS Biometrics Application Support Centers (ASC) Move to M-F Schedule

USCIS Application Support Centers (ASC) are locations that are designated for capturing biometrics including photographs and fingerprinting for green card and citizenship applications. Some ASC’s are located in the same office as the USCIS while others are located independent of the USCIS office and are “stand-alone” offices. Previously the stand-alone ASC offices were open from Tuesday – Saturday. However, starting on November 2, 2009, ASC “stand-alone” locations will have a new schedule of Monday – Friday from 8AM-4PM. Note that these ASCs will close on Halloween (Saturday, 10/31/2009) and open the following Monday morning (11/02/2009) with the new schedule. The last Saturday of operation is 10/24/2009. ASC locations can be found at