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Changes to Schedule of Fees for Consular Services

Effective December 6, 2011, the Department of State has implemented changes to the Schedule of Fees for Consular Services for nonimmigrant visa and border crossing card application processing fees. These changes include the following:

• Increase of $131 to $140 for the fee charged for the processing of an application for most non-petition-based nonimmigrant visas (Machine-Readable Visas or MRVs) and adult Border Crossing Cards (BCCs)

• New tiers of the application fee for certain categories of petition-based nonimmigrant visas, including treaty trader and investor visas

• Increase from $13 to $14 for the BCC fee charged to Mexican citizens under age 15 who apply in Mexico, and whose parent or guardian already has a BCC or is applying for one
The Schedule of Fee for Consular Services is as follows for Nonimmigrant Visa Services:

Nonimmigrant visa and border crossing card application processing fees (per person):

(a) Non-petition-based nonimmigrant visa (except E category): $140
(b) H, L, O, P, Q and R category nonimmigrant visa: $150
(c) E category nonimmigrant visa: $390
(d) K category nonimmigrant visa: $350
(e) Border crossing card–age 15 and over (valid 10
years): $140
(f) Border crossing card–under age 15; for Mexican
citizens if parent or guardian has or is applying for a border crossing card (valid 10 years or until the applicant reaches age 15, whichever is sooner): $14

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