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Delayed Processing of Immediate Relative Petitions (Form I-130)

On February 7, 2011, USCIS implemented expedited adjudication of approximately 36,000 Immediate Relative Petitions (Form I-130) that had been transferred from the California Service Center to the Texas Service Center back in November 2010. USCIS had hoped the redistribution of cases would have resulted in faster processing times, but instead many of these cases remain unadjudicated and beyond processing times. As part of USCIS’ expedite efforts, many of these I-130 Immediate Relative Petitions have been transferred back to the California Service Center for immediate adjudication. USCIS anticipates decisions to be reached on these cases by the end of February. Meanwhile, USCIS recommends monitoring one’s case status on-line at and contacting them at if no action is taken on the case by March 1, 2011.

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