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DOS Announces Changes to Visa Application Fee Schedule

Effective April 13, 2012, the U.S. Department of State will enforce new visa application fees under its revised Schedule of Fees for consular services, including nonimmigrant visa application processing fees, border crossing card application processing fees and immigrant visa application processing fees. Most Non-immigrant Visa Services, including employment-based visas in the H, L, O, P, and R categories, experienced fee increases while Immigrant and Special Visa Services saw a reduction in fees. The amended fee schedule is as follows:

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

Nonimmigrant Visa Application and Border Crossing Card Processing Fees (per person):
(a) Non-petition-based nonimmigrant visa (except E category):$160 (new fee) $140 (current fee)
(b) H, L, O, P, Q and R category nonimmigrant visa: $190 (new fee) $150 (current fee)
(c) E category nonimmigrant visa: $270 (new fee) $390(current fee)
(d) K category nonimmigrant visa: $240 (new fee) $350 (current fee)
(e) Border crossing card–age 15 and over (10-year validity): $160 (new fee) $140 (current fee)
(f) Border crossing card–under age 15; for Mexican citizens if parent or guardian has or is applying for a border crossing card (valid for 10 years or until the applicant reaches age 15, whichever is earlier): $15 (new fee) $14 (current fee)

Immigrant and Special Visa Services
Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee (per person)
(a) Immediate relative and family preference: $230 (new fee) $330 (current fee)
(b) Employment-based applications: $405 (new fee) $720 (current fee)
(c) Other immigrant visa applications (including I-360 self-petitioners and special immigrant visa applicants: $220 (new fee) $305 (current fee)

Diversity Visa Lottery fee (per person applying as a result of the lottery program):$330 (new fee) $440 (current fee)

Special Visa Services:
(a) Determining Returning Resident Status: $275 (new fee) $380 (current fee)

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