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H-1B Audit Alert!

BEWARE!!! Are you an H-1B employer? If so, your company may be the next target of a random audit by the USCIS!

Here is a list of questions that your company should be prepared to answer when USCIS comes knocking on your door:

1. What are the company’s products and/or services?
2. How many employees does the company have?
3. How many employees are in H-1B status?
4. How many employees have been sponsored for permanent residency?
5. How many employees are currently permanent residents?
6. Questions about the H-1B employees specifically: job title; salary; work hours; start date

To the HR person or employer representative answering these questions, the investigator will ask for ID and a copy of the person’s W-2 or recent paystub to verify employment. The investigator may ask to speak to the H-1B employees directly and ask about job duties, work hours and salary, likely looking for consistency. They may also check the employee’s ID.
If any of these questions raise concerns for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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