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iCERT System Denying LCAs for FEIN Verification Issue – How to Resolve

If your LCA has been denied because the Department of Labor cannot verify the FEIN number, follow these steps:

Send a copy of the DOL denial email to DOL by email, mail or fax, along with one of the following documents:

IRS document assigning FEIN
Federal or State tax return – must have pre-printed label or a pre-printed tax coupon
Employer’s bank statements or letter from the bank stating FEIN
Articles of incorporation, business license, or other documents of business establishment
Secretary of State registration documents
Official and/or government documents
Other documentation showing the FEIN and name of the employer

How to notify DOL:

Fax to (312) 886-1688. Cover page should state “LCA Business Verification Team – Proof of Valid FEIN”

Email as PDF attachments to Enter “LCA Business Verification Team – Proof of Valid FEIN” in the subject line

Mail to:

Attn: LCA Business Verification Team – Proof of Valid FEIN

U.S. Department of Labor

Employment and Training Administration

Office of Foreign Labor Certification

844 N. Rush Street, 12th floor

Chicago, IL 60611

The company should be notified by email after the submitted documents have been reviewed. Our experience is that it is taking the Department of Labor more than 7 calendar days to confirm the FEIN number. Once the FEIN number is confirmed, the LCA needs to be resubmitted and it takes the USCIS another 7 days to certify the LCA’s.