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iCERT System Incorporates PERM FEIN Verification

The iCERT system, which is used to submit Labor Condition Applications for H-1B petitions, has recently been issuing many requests for FEIN verification. To reduce the burden of verifying countless FEIN numbers, the Department of Labor (DOL) has now incorporated FEIN verifications completed during the PERM verification process into the iCERT system. PERM is the DOL portion of the green card process and separate from the H-1B process. The DOL is notifying employers once the data transfer occurs and encouraging them to submit LCAs after 1-2 days have passed from receipt of the data transfer email message. The DOL also encourages employers who are not previously in the PERM system to submit FEIN verification data to the Chicago LCA Business Verification Team at in advance of submitting an LCA to speed up the FEIN verification process. Employers can get more information about the iCERT system at

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