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Illegal Immigrants Contribute to Social Security

Many make the argument that illegal immigrants are a burden to the system because they don’t pay taxes. However, illegal immigrants actually contribute billions of dollars annually to the Social Security Administration from the deductions taken on their paychecks. The most recent figures from Social Security show that employers in 2009 reported wages of $72.8 billion from workers who could not be matched to legal social security numbers in their system. The majority of these unmatched numbers are believed to belong to illegal immigrants. Jeannie Economos of the Farmworker Association Florida, states the following:

“When you hear people voicing anti-immigrant sentiments, one of the first things they say is, ‘They don’t pay any taxes, and they just take money out of the system . . . But that just isn’t true. Yes, some are paid under the table, but the majority are paid by check, and they pay taxes out of those checks.”

But unlike other workers who contribute to Social Security with the hopes of benefiting from it in the future, these illegal immigrants will not likely be in a position to make a claim or derive any benefit from their contributions. To see the article on this matter in full, please see

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