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January 2012 E-Verify Webinars

USCIS offers free live webinars on topics relating to the E-Verify program, including information on how to maintain a legal workforce, Form I-9, and employment eligibility. E-Verify allows participating employers to verify employment eligibility of workers by comparing the data provided on the Form I-9 against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) databases. The webinars are live interactive seminars presented over the internet where participants can attend from any locale and ask questions. The topics on the January 2012 Webinar schedule are as follows:

Form I-9 Webinars: Get an overview of the Form I-9 process, including step by step instructions on how to complete each section, retention and storage.

E-Verify for Existing Users:A detailed review of E-Verify specifically for existing users. Topics include Form I-9, user roles, case alerts, how to handle a Tentative Nonconfirmation,
and common user mistakes.

E-Verify Overview: Learn how this free service works, how to enroll, employer responsibilities, program highlights, and see a demonstration.

E-Verify for Federal Contractors: Information for Federal contractors that have been or will be awarded a Federal contract with the FAR E-Verify Clause.

Self Check: An overview of the new “Self Check” program – a voluntary, fast, free and simple service that allows individuals to check their own employment eligibility.

For the specific times and dates, as well as information on how to participate, see and click on “Take a Free Webinar.”

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