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John Oliver on the “Get in Line” Immigration System in the U.S.

John Oliver reports on the “get in line” attitude toward immigration on his show Last Week Tonight. Oliver argues that this mentality is misguided as there is no one line to stand in and that “the lines that do exist can be prohibitively long or have sudden dead ends. And for many people… there simply isn’t a line at all.” He goes on to outline the four categories of obtaining permanent legal residency in the U.S. and explains the difficulty or likelihood of achieving permanent legal residency through each method: family based immigration is subject to country caps and rigorous background checks; employment based immigration does not guarantee permanent legal residency and is also subject to country caps; the diversity lottery only selects 1 out of 285 applicants; and lastly, refugee and asylum has become increasingly difficult under current policies.

Read the Guardian Article featuring Oliver’s clip here (Oliver’s video is included in article).

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