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Time to Repair Our Broken Employment-Based Immigration System

The Immigration Policy Center has issued a paper on the Repairing the Broken Employment-Based Immigration System. The paper emphasizes that if the U.S. is going to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace, policymakers need to assess our future employment-based immigration needs. It is critical that they look at both permanent and temporary work visas and high-skilled and low-skilled workers. They must also address the narrow worldwide quotas that prevent otherwise qualified workers from obtaining legal status in the U.S. The paper also states that the country is rapidly falling behind other countries in terms of available labor and talent due to its strict and outdated immigration laws. U.S. employment-based immigration must be viewed as a strategic resource for improving our struggling economy, while also protecting qualified U.S. workers. It is stresses the importance of U.S. lawmakers to embrace the concept of a global marketplace as many other countries already have and help the U.S. regain its stronghold as an economic and innovative leader. For more information, please see

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