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Unused FY2010 H-1B1 Numbers to Roll Over to FY2011 Filing Period

USCIS has indicated that unused H-1B1 numbers from FY2010, which pertain to Singaporean and Chileans, will roll over to the FY2011 cap. Each year, 6,800 H-1B slots are reserved for individuals from Singapore and Chile. In FY2010, only 129 of those numbers were used. This means that nearly 6600 additional cases of this nature will be accepted for the FY2011 filing period. Please note that although the FY2010 regular cap has closed, the USCIS has indicated that it will continue to accept H-1B1 petitions for nationals of Singapore and Chile since so few numbers have been used. If you need our assistance with this type of petition, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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