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USCIS Announces Delays in Production of Green Cards

The USCIS, per a May 29, 2009 announcement, has warned permanent residents of a delay in the delivery of green cards. According to officials, this delay may take up to eight weeks for some applicants. The delay is due to technical reasons: the USCIS is repairing and upgrading its permanent resident card equipment.

What should you do if you need a green card now?

Just because you can’t get your permanent resident card right away doesn’t mean that you must (or even should) go without evidence of your immigration status for long.

The USCIS operates a number of field offices for your convenience. Set an interview appointment at one of these field offices to start the process of obtaining an I-551 Stamp. This will serve as temporary evidence of your status. Bring a passport to your interview. If you don’t have a current passport, you’ll need appropriate identification. The USCIS recommends alternatively bringing along a “passport style photo” as well as your current U.S. government issued ID. National Benefit Centers and Service Centers can also assist you with obtaining this temporary evidence of status stamp.

What happens after your interview?

After your in-person appointment, you will need to take one additional step to collect your I-551 stamp: gather your documents and make an INFOPASS appointment to physically obtain the stamp. Once you have this temporary proof of status, remember that you’ll still need to follow through and get your permanent green card. If your delay is longer than eight weeks, you may want to contact a USCIS Field Office or Service Center for assistance.

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