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USCIS Combines Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Into Single Card

On February 11, 2011, USCIS announced that it will begin issuing a new card that serves as evidence of both employment and travel authorization. Applicants filing an Application for Employment Authorization, Form I-765, and an Application for Travel Document, Form I-131, concurrently with or after filing Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I-485, may receive this new card. The combined employment authorization and advance parole will allow an adjustment of status applicant to have valid work authorization and return to the U.S. after traveling abroad while their case is pending. Instead of carrying a separate Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and a paper Advance Parole, applicants will now be able to present a single card that is more secure and durable than the previous paper Advance Parole document. The new card will look similar to the current Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and include additional language stating, “Serves as I-512 Advance Parole.” The new card can serve as a List A document for Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9. In certain instances, USCIS will continue to issue separate EAD and Advance Parole documents.

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