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USCIS Continues Tally of Filings of H1-B Petitions for Fiscal Year 2010

As of June 26, 2009, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated its tally for H1-B petition filings for the fiscal year beginning October 1st, 2009. To date, the agency has collected over 44,800 H-1B cap petitions. The US Congress has capped the number of potential filings at 65,000 per year. Thus far, the USCIS has collected at least 20,000 alien petitions from individuals with advanced degrees towards the 20,000 advanced degree cap. Although this particular cap has been reached, the agency plans to continue taking petitions because, statistically, a significant percentage of those 20,000 applications will be invalidated or otherwise disallowed or can be counted against the general 65,000 pool of petitions.

With 20.200 slots left, we encourage H1-B applicants to contact our office to ensure the H-1B petition is filed while the numbers are still available.