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USCIS Redesigns New State-of-the Art Green Card

USCIS announced that it has redesigned the Permanent Resident Card, i.e. commonly known as the Green Card which serves as proof of authorization to live and work in the United States as a permanent resident. The new Green Card offers enhanced security features aimed at facilitating authentication and preventing counterfeiting and tampering. The redesigned security features include holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints, high resolution micro-images, Radio Frequency Identification, and a preprinted return address for the return of lost cards to USCIS. The Green Card will also now be colored green. Beginning May 11, 2010, USCIS will issue all Green Cards in this new format. Newly issued Green Cards for lawful permanent residents have a ten year validity period and two years for conditional residents. Existing Green Cards will remain valid until their expiration dates and holders of those cards will receive the redesigned card when applying for a renewal or replacement. Other existing Green Cards with no expiration date will also remain valid, however, USCIS recommends that such cards be replaced with the newly redesigned versions for added security. Please note the current USCIS filing fee for a Green Card renewal or replacement application is $370.

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