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White House Blog Issues Post on Immigration’s Positive Impact to the Economy

The White House Blog issued a recent post titled “Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy.” It spoke of America as a nation of immigrants where our history and success would not be possible without the presence of immigrants and their contributions to our economy. The following are cited as the top 10 ways in which immigrants have helped build the American economy:

1. Immigrants start businesses.
2. Immigrant-owned businesses create jobs for American workers.
3. Immigrants are also more likely to create their own jobs.
4. Immigrants develop cutting-edge technologies and companies.
5. Immigrants are our engineers, scientists, and innovators.
6. Immigration boosts earning for American workers.
7. Immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods.
8. Immigration reform legislation like the DREAM Act reduces the deficit.
9. Comprehensive immigration reform would create jobs.
10. Comprehensive immigration reform would increase America’s GDP.

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